Monday 11 April 2011

Glanders in horses الرعام او السقام

Glanders is one of the oldest diseases known and used to be prevalent worldwide. The disease has been eradicated from many countries, including the United States, Canada, and Western Europe yet this zoonotic disease is still a problem in elsewhere including the Middle East.

A few months ago an imported tiger in the Tehran zoo died from glanders and recently cases of glanders in horses and camels have been reported to OIE by the well organized veterinary services in Bahrain. On November 13th 2007, Iran informed the OIE that a case of glanders had been confirmed on 27th September 2007, when the affected horse was detected during screening tests carried out in a horse racing club in Sanandaj city, Kordestan-Iran. The brown male horse had been illegally imported from Iraq; it was the only horse found positive, among the 36 on which the mallein test was applied, subsequently it was destroyed.

The Kurdistan Veterinary Services in Erbil have reported a suspected case of glanders in Erbil un a horse but unfortunately Iraq does not have available the Mallein test in order to diagnose/confirm the disease. Glanders is transmissible to people and is often fatal.الرعام

When I was a final year veterinary student in Baghdad’s Sheikh Omar Veterinary Hospital in1967-9 we practiced the technique of injecting the Mallein test in order to diagnose the disease and now we do not have a single dose of the Mallien test agent in the whole of Iraq.

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