Tuesday 15 May 2012

KURDISTAN: Benefit of soybean production and Processing

In all the years that I worked with FAO I was used to seeing soybeans as a viable crop in every country that I visited, therefore I was surprised to find that it was not cultivated here. This company, Agrisoya, is enthusiastic about introducing soya cultivation here and the company has an excellent track record in many countries in south east Asia.

Initially there was a somewhat negative attitude towards them from those who had litlle conception of the usefulness of soybeans and I must salute their persistence in working towards their goal of seeing soya cultivation here. I met them through Dr Salah Baker and they visited the Prime Minister Office  and I am sure that they will assist us in improving the food security not only in Kurdistan but in Iraq.

Talib Murad Ali Elam,Ph.D,(Liverpool 1974)

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Thank for for this post Dr. Murad. We are grateful to be woking with you.