Saturday 24 November 2012

الحصه التمونيه الغذائيه بعد مرور 21 عام-تعليق مهم-IRAQ RATION CARD?

"الحصه التمونيه الغذائيه بعد مرور 21 عام"

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Dear Dr Talib
I share your frustration regarding many issues and especially the Ration Card!
Since the start of Oil for Food Programme and the implementation of Ration Card (RC), the way that has been carried out, it has been hitting Kurdistan: its people and its land. If one digs back, it can be found out that the UN agreement with Saddam was delayed until the UN agreed to run it the way Saddam wanted it to run. That was filling the market with imported good in an attempt to kill farming production in Kurdistan as then, it was out of his devil reach. The irony is that that strategy is still continuing well after Saddam’s arrival in Hell. You can see how his followers have stuck to his strategy not only in depriving Kurdistan from its farming wealth but also working hard to take every right from them and return them to slavery.
In a World Bank meeting in Beirut on 6&7/4/2011 on Food Ration headed by high level representatives of the Federal Government and the Federal Parliament including members of Iraqi Alliance, I came down very hard on the WB representatives for the unprofessional and law standard work that they were attempting to propose in collaboration with The Ministry of Planning of the Federal Government to improve the delivery and monitoring system for the food ration. I told them that, one expects a much higher standard and innovative proposition from an organisation like the WB to solve the food ration problem.
I made an un-planned and un expected presentation to the delegation under the title “From a Pharaoh to a Fairy: The Food Ration”. In that, I proposed to change the distribution criteria from calorie base to nutritional base, widening the choice to cover more products and changing the distribution to a coupon system giving choice to the public to purchase their wanted products from their local or nearby stores. The proposal was well received by the delegation and I started working on it. The WB agreed to help designing a piloting system prior to extending it to cover all Kurdistan and then Iraq. At the time I was reassured that if I get a letter from our Council of Ministers that they are happy to receive the cash, they will be happy to release it and that was done. However, during subsequent meetings on the same issue, they backed off under a number of excuses one of which was that the Iraqi Government has issued an order for ending it and narrowing it down to a Social Safety Net. The more recent seesaw decisions were not on the agenda but I have not given it up. I keep working at it and I repeat my thanks for your contributions.
23 November 2012 19:30

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