Monday 3 October 2011

KURDISTAN: Grape Varieties Part 1 اعناب كوردستان - تري له كوردستان

جوره كاني تري له كوردستا ن به داخوه كه لكي ليوه رنه كيراوه
There are 46 varieties of grapes grown in Kurdistan including dessert grapes, varieties that are dried to give currants and sultanas and varieties that can be used for the production of juice and wine.

We have the land suitable for these grapes yet unfortunately we are heavily dependent on neighbouring countries for grapes and their products.

I recently visited Lebanon and there I saw a small valley, much smaller than the valleys of Kurdistan, where the land supported vineyards producing well known varieties of grapes for wine production. In addition to the grape production in the same valley were drying and storage facilities for 18,000 tons of potatoes, onions and apples.

The valleys in Kurdistan are larger than those of Lebanon and offer the same potential in terms of the
cultivation of grapes and other crops.

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