Sunday 22 May 2011


West is stealing rain to create drought, Ahmadinejad says
THE TIMES, Saturday, 21.5.2011

President Ahmadinejad has accused the West of causing drought in Iran by using high-tech equipment to drain the clouds. Speaking at the inauguration of a dam near the western city of Arak yesterday, he said that Europe had opened a new front in a war against the Islamic Republic.”According to reliable sources European countries have used special equipment to drain the clouds and prevent rain-bearing clouds reaching the region, including Iran,” he said. European powers were clearly watching. While he raged against the perfidy of the West it began to rain. Undaunted, he told his audience that the judiciary was examining the matter and considering legal action.

Trout drought rescue in Derbyshire, UK.
THE TIMES, Saturday, 21.5.2011

About 3,000 brown trout are to be netted and moved down a river that has run so low in the dry weather that they are trapped in pools. The Environment Agency is moving the fish down the river Lathkill, in the Peaks National Park, Derbyshire, to where it is flowing. Rainfall in England and Wales in March and April was the lowest since 1938, and the Met Office said it is likely to stay drier than average. The National Farmers Union said cereal yields may be 12% below normal even if average rainfall resumes.

My Allotment in Wales, 21.5.2011.
The peas and the other vegetables are wilting on my little plot of land which is bordered by a little stream. We cannot take buckets of water from the stream to water our few plants because it is against the environmental laws to safeguard the stream and the river it supplies.

Man Made or Act of God?
Drought arises as a result of a shortage of rainfall or because man takes too much water from rivers, streams and springs. Man diverts rivers and streams, dams them and cuts the flow without thinking of those who live downstream. The holy books refer to drought, (a shortage of rain), as an act of God that can reoccur. This is a fact that nobody can dispute and in Iraq and Kurdistan we have had our share of this in recent years. Damming and diverting rivers and streams is act of man and in Iraq we are suffering from such activities carried out by our Islamic neighbours in Iran, Turkey and Syria. In truth Kurdistan and Iraq is suffering from a natural occurrence and the inconsiderate actions of neighbouring states.

Iraq needs water to grow food for its population, when it cannot do so it buys food from its neighbours. So, by reducing waters flowing into Iraq our neighbours not only take more water for their agriculture but they then sell the produce to us! Iraq is becoming more and more dependent on its neighbours for its food security and action to resolve this issue is long overdue. Food security and national security go hand in hand.

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