Wednesday 9 April 2014

Turkey is planning to build three more dams on the Tigris River

This article reveals that Turkey is planning to build three dams on the Tigris River as it flows through the Kurdish region on its way into Iraq. The article highlights the concerns of those living within the region that the environment will be destroyed, threatening the regions wildlife and the way of life for the Kurdish people living there. The dams will produce
 hydroelectric power but the lakes formed will attract the development of tourist centres, land development and related businesses at a cost to the environment and also threatens historical sites.

In this short article the author endeavours to highlight the threat that the proposed dams represent to the Kurdish region within Turkey. He is right to do so as the area has already suffered from the development of dams on the Euphrates now it seems attention is turning to the waters of the Tigris. Environmental damage, loss of wildlife, and the threat to historical sites are all raised in opposition to developments that threaten to destroy the Kurdish region of Turkey. Yet there is a major argument that should be raised against Turkey's endless development of dams along the Tigris and Euphrates, and one that receives little publicity, it is quite simply that Turkey's dams are reducing the flow of water into Iraq.

It is high time that the government in Baghdad, and the KRG, raised their concerns as to Turkey's actions in damming the rivers that are the lifeblood of Iraq. At the present time it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is responsible for Iraq's water supplies. Why? It is unusual to say the least that such an important sector is under the control of this ministry where there are no experts with the relevant knowledge in the water sector. We need an Office for Water, collaboration between the governments on Baghdad and Erbil, to form a united front to deal with this vital issue and raise international awareness of the threat Turkey's action pose to Iraq's population. We should raise the issue at the UN and, as Turkey still hopes to become part of the EU, the matter should be raised there too. We must make a stand and fight to maintain our rivers, without water there is no life.

At present it seems that we are content to purchase all the goods that Turkey sends across its borders and ignore the reduction in our rivers. If this state of affairs continues it will not be too long before we are forced to buy water from Turkey as well as our food!! 

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