Sunday 14 July 2013

The United Republic of Soybeans: (2)جمهورية الصويا

 GRAIN | 14 July 2013
A social and environmental catastrophe has settled like a plague over the countries of the Southern Cone - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Transgenic soya monoculture now covers 46 million hectares in the region.
The advance of GMO soya is displacing farmers and indigenous communities and poisoning land and people alike (600 million litres of toxic glyphosate is sprayed on these crops each year) while 500,000 ha of forest are lost to its expansion every year.
We are seeking to strengthen and articulate the comprehensive and coordinated mobilisation against this plunder through local resistance, public condemnation, the building of alternatives, and fighting back on all possible fronts.
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