Tuesday 30 April 2013


Date: Mon 29 Apr 2013
Source: FAO EMPRES-Animal Health, Global Early Warning System (GLEWS)
West Bank and Gaza Strip, additional information on suspected outbreak
of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in livestock
The reportedly suspected FMD case in the Gaza strip [ProMED-mail
posting 20130314.1587397] has been confirmed as FMD serotype A.
Following the rumour of FMD reported in cattle in a holding in Rafah,
Gaza Strip in March 2013, a team of experts from the Food and
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) travelled to West
Bank to investigate the situation and meet with veterinarians from the
West Bank and from the Gaza Strip.
Epidemiological background: the field veterinarians of the Palestine
veterinary authorities reportedly investigated 15 farms located around
the 2 affected holdings which had clinical signs of FMD without
finding any further indications of clinical FMD. All animals in this
area are originating from Egypt and brought into the Gaza Strip using
The vaccination history of these animals is therefore not
known. In the Gaza Strip the last FMD vaccination campaign took place
in May 2012. Vaccination for 2013 is currently in the
planning/procurement phase. FAO is assisting the Palestine Autonomous
Territories Authorities to purchase vaccine for large and small ruminants.
Egypt:[Since the origin of infection is, apparently, Egypt, the following
genotyping results of an Egyptian isolate of FMDV serotype A (one of 3
genotyped samples), collected in 2012 and submitted to the World
Reference Laboratory for FMD, Pirbright, are relevant:
Batch no: WRLFMD/2012/00032
Sender ref: R/280 (2)
Location: Al Zlefay, Zainia, Luxor, Upper Egypt, Egypt
Date collected: 9 Mar 2012
Date received by WRLFMD: 2 Oct 2012
Date received for sequencing: 22 Oct 2012
Species: cattle
Serotype: A
Topotype: Africa
Genotype/strain: G-IV
1. A/SUD/3/77 (GU566064); identity percentage: 86.38; topotype:
Africa; strain: G-IV
2. A/GHA/16/73; identity percentage: 84.59; topotype: Africa; strain:
For the genotyping results of the other 2 strains (WRLFMD ref nos
EGY/20/2012 and EGY/30/2012) and for the dendrogram covering all 3,
please go to
It may be concluded that the FMD virus strain in the Gaza strip, March
2013, was serotype A, topotype Africa, strain G-IV. Vaccines against
such strains should be included in the multivalent FMD vaccines
applied for the protection of susceptible species in the Palestinian
Authority (Gaza strip and West Bank) as well as in other adjacent
territories such as Israel. - Mod.AS
A HealthMap/ProMED-mail map can be accessed at:
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