Saturday 30 March 2013

السعار وليشمانيا في سورياRabies&Leishmaniasis in Syria

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28 Mar -
Rabies, Syria, Humans
Rabies, Syria, Dogs (wild)

In some provinces in Syria, rabies is an increasing concern in a deteriorating political climate. This year [2013], Spana-Syria conducted a campaign of free dog vaccination at its premises in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Al Baath University, Hama, vaccinating strays as well as owned dogs.

Over 1000 animals were vaccinated. The group also raised awareness about the dangers of rabies by distributing posters and leaflets and an illustrated story for children.


28 Mar -
Leishmaniasis, Syria, Humans

Approximately 100 000 people have been infected with the leishmaniasis parasitic disease in the past 2 years after civil war broke out in Syria, compared with before the conflict when the number of cases in Syria had been reduced to 3000-4000 as a result of joint efforts by Turkish and Syrian authorities.

The increase in the number of patients suffering from the disease is alarming not only for Syria but for Turkey as well, since leishmaniasis has also reached Turkey.

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